How Many Layers And Traits Do You Need To Make 10,000 NFTs?

2 Simple formula + Free layers & traits calculator

A formula to calculate layers & traits.

How many NFT layers and traits do you need to create 10000 items? There are 2 ways to determine this, one basic and one advanced, depending on your understanding of the NFT system and your design goals. Before we begin, let’s look at what an NFT is. NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, meaning that each token has unique properties, just like each baseball card or action figure you have in your collection does. Another way to think about it, rather than comparing it to existing digital assets, is comparing it to real-world objects like houses or cars.

An NFT project does not need to have 10,000 items. Although, top NFT projects right now all have that number of items. So, 10,000 NFTs become a stander for every new PFP (Profile Picture) project.

In order to make 10,000 NFTs, you need to create multiple layers. And for every layer, you need to design different variations (traits). If you don’t know how to do it, you can check this article.

Without further talk, let’s dive into the 3 steps you need to determine your layers and traits number.

1. It’s not always about the layers

What do layers mean? Layers are parts of an image that determine the common shape of an NFT. 

Take Bored Ape NFTs for example. Their main character is a monkey that has multiple layers: background, fur, mouth, hat, clothes, eyes, and earring.

So, the number of layers needed must be decided from your base character. That is why it’s hard to reach 10,000 NFTs by increasing the layers. But you can play with the number of variations (traits) for every layer in order to reach 10,000 NFTs.

Therefore, we can change the question to How many traits do you need for every layer to generate 10,000 NFTs? 

2. Same number of traits for every layer

If you want all your layers to have the same number of traits, you can easily calculate that number using this formula:

The number of NFTs = (Number of traits) ^ (Number of layers)

This formula means that the number of NFTs you can make is equal to the number of traits to the power of your layers number.

So, if your base character has 4 layers and you want to make 10,000 unique NFTs, you will need 10 traits in each layer, because 10 ^ 4 = 10,000.

Note: 10 ^ 4 is equivalent to 10 x 10 x 10 x 10.

3. Different number of traits for every layer

It’s better to have a different number of traits rather than the same number for every layer. But that makes the calculation more complex than before.

Here is the formula if you have a different number of traits for every layer:

The number of NFTs= ∏ (The number of every layer’s traits)

That means if you want to get the number of NFTs, get the number of traits you have for every layer and multiply them together.

for example, if you design 7 traits for the background layer, 8 traits for the face layer, 12 traits for the eyes layer, and 15 traits for the hat layers, you will get 7 x 8 x 12 x 15 = 10,080 (you can just get rid of these 80 items).

You can also check out our NFT Generator software that helps you generate 10,000 NFTs in minutes. It also has great tools to analyze your NFT rarity.

I made basic layers & traits calculator to help you determine how many layers and traits you need for your NFT project. You can use it for free.


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