How to Make 10000 NFTs Collection

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Blockchain technology keeps revolutionizing our world every day. It has surprised us with cryptocurrency first, and how they lower the cost and time of sending money.

Now NFT is another surprise that shows up from blockchain. NFTs can represent any kind of art. NFTs can save the value of your artwork and maximize your profit. We already have seen too many people and money coming into this rapid industry.

I’m not here to tell stories about blockchain or NFT (I guess you are hearing a lot of NFT talks these days). But instead, I’m going to walk you step by step through how to start your NFT journey and, of course, increase your profits.

10,000 sounds like a big number of NFTs to design. It sounds even impossible for someone to make it by himself. But with the 0, 1, 40, 10000 strategies, it will become a lot easier even non-designers can make more than these 10,000 images.

It split the process into three parts: creating your first image, then making 40 variations, and finally scaling them to 1000 images.

1. Form 0 to 1

this step is like an art lesson in school when the teacher asks students to draw on paper whatever they imagine.

In this step, all you have to do is create your main character. Pring your paper and start drawing any character that comes to your mind. It could be you, your friend, your best actor, an animal, an alien, a flower, or a pizza!

This main character will hold the story you build for the collection. And it will appear in every single image of the collection.

2. From 1 to 40

As I mentioned early, NFT presents any art in the blockchain. So In order to create one NFT, all you need to do is design one image. But if you want to build an NFTs Collection, like Crypto punks, you will need to design your images layer by layer.

Let’s say you choose your main character to be your head. Then you can build an image layer by layer with these three steps:

  • First, you will determine your layers: the face, hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and maybe the glass. Just pick 4 layers.
  • Second, you will start to design every layer with 10 different variations. For the face layer, you can design square and round face images. And for the hair, you draw wavy and afro hair images. You get the idea.
  • Now last, pick one variation from every layer and combine them together to make your first NFT!

Hint: Make sure to combine the images with the most logical order, so you don’t end up putting the eyes behind the face.

But how can I design those layers if I’m not a designer?

This is the best thing about NFT: you don’t have to draw the Mona Lisa NFT in order to be sold. People collect an NFT for the sake of its idea and the story behind it. Take a look at CryptoPunks if you haven’t already. Every piece of this collection is worth two hundred thousand dollars. And yet, a ten years old kid can design simple art like it.

Six examples of the 10,000 randomly generated CryptoPunks.

3. From 40 to 10000 NFTs

The concept of making images from multiple layers is very powerful. Because with a little number of layers, you can generate thousands of NFT assets. You have picked 4 layers. And each layer now has 10 different variations. So you design a total of 40 sub-images. By randomly combining these 40 sub-images, you can generate 10,000 unique NFT (You can check this post if you want to know how many layers and traits you exactly need.)

Sound Amazing! but there is a little problem: How the hell can I combine 10,000 images by myself?! Well, there is always a solution (or solutions) for any problem, and here I have three options for you:

  • Use an open-source code that can generate any number of NFTs with your Designed sub-images. But you must know how to code because there are some adjustments you need to do manually.
  • Go to Fiverr and hire a programmer. He will relieve you from coding and generate your NFTs Collection with the best rarity settings ( people will pay more money to own the rarest NFTs within your collection.) But the problem is He will ask for a lot of money, especially for a vast collection. And He may even steal your work because you will send him all your layers.
  • Buy a generator software. It could be your best choice in the long term. Because you will pay only once and use it forever. It also has many tools for adjusting and analyzing the rarity settings of your collection.

Congratulations! Now you have your 10,000 NFTs collection ready for a marketplace.

The good thing to notice is that the NFT industry is in its first stages. But yet it is so easy to make your NFTs and sell them. Maybe in the future, we will discover easier ways to build them and make them more unique.


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