How You Can Make $400k From NFT Like This Kid

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Most of us get interested in the NFT space because of money. We saw jpegs get sold for thousands and even millions of dollars. And this is the same reason that made Benjamin enter the NFT world.

Benjamin is a 13-year-old who lives in the UK. He first heard about NFT from his father’s friend who bought a rare NFT for $27K. He got shocked that some people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a jpeg. So, he started to learn about NFT and realized that it is more than just an image.

“In every industry, the digital format has massively outperformed the analog format,” Benjamin said.

After he learned more about the field, he decided to create his own NFT collection instead of trading other NFTs. He named his first collection Minecraft and Heart. It is a collection of 40 NFTs of Minecraft characters. You probably haven’t heard about these NFTs before, because he couldn’t sell any of them.

But this failure didn’t turn him down. Instead, he became more motivated and excited to continue the journey. He started to learn more about NFT and joined a lot of communities to understand the market. 

Then, he started planning for his next project. He named it Weird Whales. A collection of 3350 pixelated whales. It took him three steps to launch the collection.

First, He designed many traits and layers of a pixelated whale and automatically combined them to generate 3350 whales.

Then, he worked on a smart contract for the collection. He didn’t need to learn solidity to code one. He just copied the common ERC-721 smart contract that many famous collections used (CryptoPunks for example), and just changed the variables like the collection name, max supply, and base URL.

Lastly, for the marketing, he posted a thread on Twitter on how he was able to do this. And because he was too young, people got excited about his story and retweeted the thread until it went viral.

He launched the project in July 2021. Luckily, All the 3350 NFTs were sold out in just 9 hours. And he made around $400k from this project. You can check the collection from here.

Weird Whales is a collection of NFTs — unique digital collectibles, swimming on the Ethereum Blockchain. 3,350 whales have been programmatically generated from an ocean of combinations, each with unique characteristics and different traits. From Weird Whales Website.

From Weird Whales Website.

you can make it too!

  • Start creating your own collection now. Don’t worry if you know little, because the best way to learn something is by practicing it. And be sure you are going to fail (Unless you are a goddamn lucky). Just keep trying until you make it.
  • Marketing is the key to success. Benjamin came up with a unique story that made people believe in his project. They didn’t buy the collection because they loved the art, but because they thought Benjamin is the future Elon Musk. So, finding a unique marketing strategy will definitely make you millions.
  • Benjamin start coding when he was five. This helps him auto-generate the collection and deploy the smart contract. But if you don’t know how to code, you can partner with your coder friend. Also, you can finish the job all by yourself with our NFT Generator.

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